Check mortgage interest rates after Eid yuuk!

Check mortgage interest rates after Eid yuuk!

Already in the past, in May 2021, there are several banks that offer low mortgage interest rates. For those of you who are planning to buy a house with a KPR, this good opportunity is of course a shame to pass up.

Let's do a comparison of interest rates between banks. This is because banks often offer promotions for low mortgage interest rates for a limited time. This moment must be taken advantage of by the debtor so that the installment amount becomes lighter.

In order to make it easier for you to choose which bank is right, here are the offers for low mortgage interest rates as of May 2021:

1. Indonesian Sharia Bank (BSI)
Reporting from Liputan 6, Sharia Bank has a BSI Griya Hasanah promo with a margin of 3.3% for the first year and 10% for the second year until the end of the financing. The financing period provided is up to 30 years.

2. Bank CIMB Niaga
Launching from the official CIMB Niaga website, there is a KPR Xtra Pasti program with the following details:

3 years : 9.5%

6 years : 8.5%

10 years : 9.5%


3. Panin Bank
Launching from the official website of Bank Panin, here is the latest update on Bank Panin interest rates:

Fixed period of 1-5 years 7.75%
Tenor> 6-10 years fixed 8.75%
Tenor> 10-15 years fixed 9.90%

4. BCA
based on after a survey to the marketing party of Bank BCA and found an attractive KPR interest rate promo.

Fixed Interest Rate Program
Fixed 1 year: 3.88%

Fixed 2 years: 4.88%

Fixed 3 years: 5.00%

Fixed 5 years: 6.00%

5. Bank Mandiri
Reporting from the Bank Mandiri website, there is a special promo for Bank Mandiri KPR interest rates starting from May - June 2021 as follows:

Fix 1 year: 3.88%

Fix 3 years: 4.88%

Fix 5 years: 6.86%

Fix 10 years: 8.88%

6. DIY BPD: 5.98%
7. KEB Hana Bank: 7.25%
8. Bank BTN: 7.25%
9. DBS Bank: 7.87%
10. Bank Artha Graha: 8.94%
11. Nobu Bank: 9.25%
12.Maybank: 9.50%
13. Danamon: 9.75%
14. UOB Bank: 9.75%
15. Bank Permata: 9.90%