Marathon Survey Yuuk! Dynamic Pricing Strategic Warehouse

Marathon Survey Yuuk! Dynamic Pricing Strategic Warehouse

The business has grown, it's time to look for a warehouse for production or stock storage.

Come on with our team Ray White Bukit Darmo Golf for a marathon survey of warehouses in Surabaya and its surroundings with a strategic location.



1. Tambak Sawah, Pergudangan Tiara Jabon, Waru, Sidoarjo


Tiara Jabon Warehousing, Tambak Sawah with ample parking, well maintained and strategically located.

Paddy fields, Tiara Jabon Block D Warehouse, Waru, Sidoarjo.

The place is strategic because
️1. Near Tambak Sumur Toll Road
️2. Near Brebek Toll Road (Rungkut Industri)
️3. Near Juanda airport

The specialty of this warehouse is
1. Parking is very spacious because in front there is no other warehouse
2. Steel construction
3. The inner building has been divided into 2 floors
4. There is an elevator
5. Office Space
6. Bottom tank

With an area of ​​300 m² it has 1 Bathroom and faces South.
Sold at a price of Rp. 3.250 M can be negotiated directly with our team.

Just contact

Linda H
📱 0819 0636 5353
☎️ 031 738 4165
Ray White Bukit Darmo Golf


2. Jl. Raya Rungkut Tengah, Surabaya


A house as well as a warehouse for business with a strategic location in Surabaya.

Middle Rungkut Kingdom

Advantages of why you should buy this property:
1️. Strategic location in East Surabaya
️2. Zero Highway
️3. Commercial area
️4. Close to Merr
️5. Close to Rungkut Industri
️6. Busy areas (densely populated)

With an area of ​​2,502 m², there are 4 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms and has been certified as Ownership Rights, which is sold at a price of Rp. 15 million/meter (negotiable).

Want more detailed information or a site survey?
Just contact our team tim

Nuri - 📱 0851 0028 2389 / 081 2305 2357
Vonny - 📱 0818 0307 1189
☎️ 031 7384165


3. Margomulyo Permai Blok AB, Surabaya


Warehouse for rent (2 warehouses in one)
Margomulyo Permai block AB

Land Area: 920 m²
1 Floor, Certificate of Building Use Rights
2 warehouses make 1

Rental price Rp. 400 M/Th

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☎️ 031 7384165
Ray White Bukit Darmo Golf


4. Jl. Gubernur Sunandar, By Pass Krian, Sidoarjo


Having a warehouse at By Pass Krian must have a lot of advantages.

1. Big highway zero location
2. industrial area
3. Near toll
4. Flood free.

The attractive offer is with an area of ​​850 m² and this property right has been opened at a price of Rp. 6 M.
Electricity already installed with a power of 53,000 W

Want the full details?
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📱 0818 0307 1189
☎️ 031 7384165
Ray White Bukit Darmo Golf